Monday, June 18, 2012

Friends or Buddies at CYPK and a DT call

Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days!! My youngest son had eye surgery on Friday to have his eyes straightened so it was an early visit to the hospital and a long, tiring day!! He had the outer muscles tightened this time as he had the inner muscles done three years ago and it wasn't successful! Everything went well, although with him being a bit older, found it harder to console him when he was so hungry and tired and not being able to tell him when he could eat made it harder! Thankfully the new Royal Children's Hospital here in Melbourne has a lot of things to occupy the kids including the Meerkats, a huge fish tank and a very big interactive touch screen with games to play. Of course there are shops too and lifts to ride in..LOL!! His eyes are healing well, he is back to his active self, just have the battle of getting two lots of eye drops in his eyes four times a day for the next two weeks!! Lots of bribery has come into play and he is getting better with each lot that goes in!!! He knows he's getting one of his favourite dinosaur train dinosaurs at the end of the two weeks so that helps!! :)
This is Logan beside the big fish tank before surgery

Logan playing on the huge Interactive screen before surgery

Logan  just after surgery - once he'd woken up properly he wanted to do some colouring in.
Logan today, being cheeky as always :)

We go back to the hospital again in a month for a check up so will know then what happens next!! There is a chance of needing a third surgery but we are not really going to know that for about a year after more visits and eye checks...

I do have a couple of cards to share today but will have to show in two separate posts. Craft your Passion Kids is currently having a DT call and both the boys wanted to apply so I thought I better get my act together and get their cards posted.

So this is Logan's Card
He used Buggin Drummer from Kenny k for his card!! He went a little bit overboard with the green and has made much better cards but he was happy with it so who am I to say otherwise.. It's his creation after all!!..
 Logan is entering this into the following challenge:
* Craft Your Passion Kids - Friends and Buddies

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  1. Glad to hear that all went well with Logan's surgery love his card it is super cute.


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