Saturday, March 26, 2011

Creations by Gill M...

Unfortunately nothing creative to share with you today but i do have some news... exciting news in fact.. exciting for me anyway!!! The lovely Gill over at Creations by Gill M has invited me to be part of her Tartan Day Blog Hop on the 6th April...

 Of course I jumped at the chance and said yes  but then panicked when I read that I had to make some sort of creation with tartan!! AARRGGHH! Anyway, I have since found a website where you can design your own tartan for free and last night I was talking to my friend Sam over at Sew Many Crafts, So Little Time and we discussed what I could do and we have now come up with an idea for me!! So now I just have to get a few supplies and I can create!! I can't wait!! So be sure to come back on the 6th April and check out the fun and games!!
Gill has also started a RAK (Random acts of Kindness) Club where   us crafters all get together and send each other cards on a monthly basis - hence the act of kindness!

I thought it would be great to be a part of this cos I only ever get bills in the mail these days so it will be nice to receive a handmade card every once in awhile.. You can join in too.. Just head over to Gill's blog Here and you'll find all the info you need!!!
And while you are there be sure to enter the blog Candy!!! Gill will be giving it away once she reaches 300 followers and she only needs 8 more followers to reach her goal so get there quick!!

Well that is it for me!!! Oh before I go , just wanted to say welcome to all my new followers and thanks for helping me get to 100 .well 102 followers now!! Hopefully by the time I reach 200 followers I will be able to give some blog candy away.. I think it's only fair seeing as I win so much myself!!!

Until Next Time... Enjoy!!! xx

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  1. Custom tartan? Sounds cool I have a little something for you on my blog. Sorry, it's nothing tartan related... :D


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