Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My first Blog Award...

Today I discovered that I had received this award from Gill over at Creations by Gill M. THANKS SO MUCH GILL! I feel very honored!  

Gill is a very talented crafter and oh so very generous!! I just won blog candy when she reached 200 followers.. THANKS GILL! But don't despair, Gill has more blog candy on offer for when she reaches 300 followers!! So head on over to Gill's Blog and enter for a chance to win!  

So with this award comes a couple of rules!
1:  Thank the person who gave me this award so again, Thanks Gill!!
2: Tell you 7 facts about me  so here goes:
         1: I love Dolphins.
         2: I have 5 tattoo's.
         3: I am addicted to blog candy and reading everyone's blogs!! So much so that I only make one or two cards a week now (instead of 1 or 2 a night) cos I just don't have the time to make any more than that!!
         4: I am a procrastinator!! If i can put something off such as housework then I will.
         5: I just started aquarobics and I love it!!
         6: Really want to go to Alaska to see the Iditarod Dog Sled race.
         7: Am addicted to finding new recipes!! I don't make all of them but I borrow magazine's from the library and copy loads of recipes!!!

Wow, that was hard...
and the 3rd and final thing I am to do as part of this award is to pass it on to 15 of my blogger friends!! So I am passing this on to a few close friends who are very talented and inspirational and the other awards are going to fellow bloggers (some who probably don't know who I am :) who are just inspirational in their lives and crafts. A few of these people have cooking blogs and those of you who know me well, know I love baking!!

1: Sam:
2: Angela:
3: Sharon:
4: Jacque:
5: Lori:
6: Micki:
7: Mina:
8: Bev:
9: Fiona:
10: Yanitza:
11: Tanja:
12: Darla:
14:  Andrea:
15: Melissa:

So that is it!! Go check out these amazing blogs and leave some love!!!

Until Next time... Enjoy!! xx


  1. OMG Alethea, thank you so much!! What a wonderful surprise! :-)

  2. Thanks so much Alethea! My very first blog award - I feel very special :o)

  3. awwww thank you for the award. And I have to say I totally know what you mean about not having time to create..... which is why I have gotten really bad about leaving comments. I still visit (thank God for Google's reader). Anyway, thank you for the award, I'll be posting it hopefully tomorrow or Friday. :-)


  4. You are super sweet to think of me Alethea... Thank you VERY much ♥
    Lots and lots of love,


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