Friday, November 12, 2010

My other Passion ...and a card!!

I am in the middle of baking, in 27C heat for my sister's 21st. She is having a dress up party tomorrow night, we have to dress up as something starting with the letter "C". My boys are very excited - My oldest is going as a cowboy and he finished off his outfit today with a gun and some money... Cos he tells me Cowboys steal money...LOL!!! My youngest is going as a Chef, he got a masterchef apron and hat yesterday.. I am going as a ladybug.. I hear you saying that ladybug doesn't start with C, well you're right but Cute Critter does... hehehehe... One of the wonderful teachers ( they are all wonderful by the way:) ) at my oldest sons kinder owns the ladybug outfit and I borrowed it earlier in the year for another dress up party I was invited when the theme for this party was revealed I thought I could borrow it again... So I will post photos next week of the party!!!
        Anyway, I am baking some slices and savoury nibblies for the party, my second passion, and the main reason I'm carrying extra kilos ... LOL!!! At the moment I have Snickers Brownie's in the oven and I have already prepared the chocolate ganache to make white chocolate truffles... Later on I will make melting moments with raspberry icing and lemon slice and tomorrow just before serving I'll make the chicken and bacon vol au vents and the avocado and tomato salsa wonton cups... Hopefully everyone loves the food...
         Once everything is cooked i'll plate it up and take a photo of it and add it to this post..
# Sorry about the glare, was quite late when I took the photo!!!

From the top: lemon slice, snickers brownies, melting moments with raspberry icing, and white chocolate truffles covered in white and dark chocolate

But for now i thought I'd share the card I made for my son's 4th Birthday last week... he's into dinosaurs at the moment so I made this simple but oh so cute card!!!

I also made him a jigsaw dinosaur cake... I actually made two cos my 4 year old had one with his brother and I on his actual birthday then another one for his party... They both turned out well ....

Sorry the photos aren't the best, taken at night..

Until Next time... Enjoy !!! xxx


  1. What an awesome card and I also love the cakes you are amazing. Great work Leath

  2. Yummo! Can you 'plate up' some of that yummy slice and bring some here!! Your card and cakes are fabulous! I bet Logan was rapt with them! Can't wait to see your cute critter outfit!


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