Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A day at Ben 10 Live and finished Kaszazz TTD projects

Took the boys to see Ben 10 Live today at Hi-Sense Arena  and to say they were excited would be an understatement! I think the girl on the train sitting next to us  wished she'd chosen somewhere else to sit after having 7 excitable boys talk (shout) about Ben 10. LOL!! The boys absolutely loved the show but personally I've never seen such overacting.. :)

So that was today... last night I finished my Kaszazz projects from TTD and I am very happy with the results.. Still trying to take the perfect photo (well more like learning to edit it to make it look perfect ) but I will learn that in time.so anyway, the photos on the layout are not permanently stuck down cos I think I want to find some zoo one's to put on there but I do still like the way it turned out!

The cards are close to what we were supposed to make but as usual I had to make my own changes. I can't help myself, I don't think I've ever made anything as per the instructions!!

This card is a gift card holder. The card has been perforated so the right hand side of the card can be pulled off.

All the cards and layouts have been made with the new release Kaszazz products.

Will be working on some new cards tonight so will hopefully get a chance to post again tomorrow!!
Until then, enjoy!!

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  1. I love your finished layout is looks fantastic with the photos, great work!


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