Thursday, September 23, 2010

Missing MoJo

I started my scraps challenge last night and boy did I struggle... I had no direction, no creativity and it took me so long to come up with two finished products which I changed numerous times. Not sure I struggled because I was limited to what I had to use or I just had no idea what I was doing. So I wasn't going to post the photos of the cards I came up with (cos I really am not happy with them) but I set myself this challenge and who knows someone else might just like them (besides my boys) !!

I still need to add a sentiment to the baby card but that won't improve it at all!! Never mind... Will see how I go next time... Tonight I'm going to work on my Creative challenge that I do with my wonderful Kaszazz Team!!

Until next time, Enjoy!!


  1. Great job Leath did you start with the papers first or the stamps.

  2. I kept changing my mind with the baby card but I already had the mermaid coloured...


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