Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

Good evening!! I have just spent the last hour or so blog hopping for a cause and it was a very inspirational blog hop. 25 wonderful ladies around the world are a part of the Inking Pink Blog hop which has been inspired by a close friend of theirs, Elise who found out a couple of weeks ago that she had Breast Cancer!!!

They all wanted to spread the word about the importance of having regular breast checks with some very touching stories about close family and friends that have had breast cancer!! I too have a family member with Breast cancer, my nan, and at the age of 84,Ii would have to say she is a true fighter. She is fighting this disease head on and with such a positive outlook, good health and loving and supportive family by her side I believe she will beat this disease!!
So I urge you to join this blog hop to read inspirational stories of survival or at least do a breast examination and help fight this disease!!

Until next time, Enjoy xx

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