Friday, July 29, 2011

Super Quick Post

Blogger was not playing nice last night so was unable to post and yesterday I did not have a camera so was unable to take photos of my cards so will have some new stuff to show you tomorrow!!
So today I am sharing a couple of cards Logan made!! He loves embellishments like me as you can see. The more the better he thinks!! He was very proud of his cards (as was I) and he ended up giving them both away!! He gave one to my nephew and one to my sister so that she can give it to him on his birthday!! How cute is that!! LOL!!

I promise I will be back tomorrow with a card or two to share!! I want to try out for a GDT at Digi Bell's and I have to have my card in by tomorrow so will defnitely be back!!
Until next Time...Enjoy!! xx


  1. Aw Logan did a fab job! Bless him - love that he gave one to your sister to give back! That's so cute!

    Good luck with the GDT position!

    Lisa x

  2. What a great job he did Leath super cute!


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