Friday, September 2, 2011

Where has the past week gone?? Very long blog post!!

It's all a bit of a blur to me really!! I have been so busy, working, school and kinder runs, aquarobics, school committments, babysitting and this week saw the beginning of my 12 week Health and  Fitness challenge! I came up with this Logo for myself - it represents a New Me in 12 weeks and the arrow represents me losing weight!

I have been overweight since I had my two boys (so about 6 years) and although I have lost 20kgs very slowly over the past 3 years, my weight has yo-yo'd constantly!!! So 6 months ago I saw an advertisement at the swim centre (where my boys swim) for aquarobics classes!!! I thought about it for a week or so then decided that it was my  time to do something for myself (now that the kids are at school and kinder) So I plucked up the courage (as I have never done any paid exercise before) and made the call!! Suzanne answered the phone and sounded very friendly and inviting explaining what the sessions were all about and since that first session I think I have only missed two or three classes due to kids being on school holidays!! I really enjoy the sessions with a regular bunch of ladies and a fun atmosphere at a private pool!! We have two sessions a week, one 45 min low impact class  and a 30min cardio class!! Since starting I have increased my fitness level a lot and have gotten down to 77-78kg after sitting at 85kg for awhile. Anyway as a result of my hardwork and dedication, Suzanne recently asked if I would consider doing this 12 week Health and Fitness Challenge! I thought about it and decided that it's something I really wanted to do... I knew it was going to be hard work but I was up for the challenge!! So Monday I started making changes by cleaning out my fridge, freezer and cupboards! I threw a lot away and gave some away but knew I had to do it cos if it's there I'll be tempted to eat it!! I must admit there is quite a bit of junk still in the house but it's chocolate and chips which are things that I'm not overly fussed with!! I also started keeping a food diary and boy does that make you more accountable for what you are putting in your mouth. You really have to think about what you are eating, well I do as I'm used to always being so busy with my boys that I always grab what is handy, so processed, unhealthy food!! I don't think I could ever do this on my own so thankfully Suzanne is with me every step of the way!!!.Wednesday saw the beginning of my training sessions. My measurements had to be taken, weighed, balance tested and to get to my goal weight I have to lose 15kgs!!! I already knew that is what I had to lose but to hear that I had to lose it in 15 weeks was a bit scary!!!. I have to do Metabolism Booster exercises everyday so Suzanne worked through those with me also on Wednesday!!. These exercises are to be done every morning but I had to work the last two days so I did do them in the afternoon!! But can I tell you, my legs and bum have been sore for the past two days!! LOL!! I am told that is a good thing :). So today was my second training session (I have two a week) and we did a cardio circuit including - squats with a medicine ball, jumping jacks, bicep curls, skipping rope, step ups, tricep curls (not sure that is there name) etc!! It really was hardwork but I did manage to get through it!!  Today I also got a menu plan to help lose weight in two weeks and some nutritional guidelines that will help me make better eating choices!!! And of course Suzanne is always on call to help and give advice and keep me going in the right direction!!
So I will be blogging about my progress once a week to let you know how I am going!! I wouldn't usually do this sort of thing so publically but it will keep me on track and make me more accountable!!! I know a lot of you are overseas but if there are any followers local to the Sunbury area or you know people who are that are interested in personal training sessions or would love to join us in the pool for aquarobics then feel free to contact Suzanne. You can find her on facebook HERE with all the details of what she offers and her contact details....
So stay tuned on my progress!

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  1. Congratulations on taking the first steps Leath. xox


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