Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stopping by to Say Hi!!

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I always feel like I create a heap of cards and crafts but never share them so I'm trying to make an effort and post on a more regualr basis!!! I have been making a few cards lately for birthdays so just wanted to share. Also wanted to share a mirror I made a long time ago when I used to do Decoupage!!

Before I show you what I have made I would like to welcome  my new followers!! Thank you for visiting and wanting to come back to see my creations!! I hope that I can inspire you as you guys inspire me!!!

 So today I'm showing you a pirate card and the mirror!! Need to keep the rest so I can post again tomorrow!! hehehe!!

This is my Decoupage mirror I made about 10 years ago. (excuse my fingers in the pic - forgot I was taking a picture of a mirror-LOL) It has been sitting in my cupboard for so long and never used it for my boys so I gave it to my wonderful friend's Anthony and Kris who recently welcomed baby Matias to the family, joining their other two gorgeous boys!!

And this is a card I made for Anton.

Well that's it from today!! Will be back tomorrow with another pirate card!!

Until next Time... Enjoy!! xx


  1. Alethea this is so cute, love all the details I am sure Anton will adore it.

  2. Hi Alethea! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!! I just added the book card tutorial! Hugs! Germana

  3. AW these are so sweet but i especially love the pirate card. hope youve got plenty pirate inspiration left for the pirate hop in september !


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